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Toronto Monday Mortgage Minute April 26th 2010

After a very quick increase to fixed rate mortgages over the past 2 weeks mortgage lenders have started to compete for the new fixed 5 year. The standard rate is 4.59% however some lenders have introduced their quickclose rate at 4.39%. The dilemma of deciding to go fixed over variable is on every borrower’s mind […]

Monday Mortgage Minute & Interest Rates For April 19th

A combination of positive economic data, the high Canadian dollar and probably the most important factor, the end of RRSP season in mid March when lenders artificially kept rates low to attract business, has caused two increases to fixed rate mortgages over the past 10 days. The difference between current fixed rates (4.59%) and current […]

Monday Mortgage Minute For April 5th 2010.

We all knew it was going to happen, we just didn’t know exactly when. Last Monday fixed rate mortgages increased. The fixed 5 year rate increased by a half of a percent from 3.89% to 4.39%. The following are current rates that I can offer but if you are feeling down that you missed an […]

Monday Mortgage Interest Rate Minute – March 22nd

Fixed mortgage rates are married to bond yields. As a mortgage broker I constantly look towards the 5 year Government of Canada bond yield to forecast where rates are heading to advise clients. Bond yields and fixed rate mortgages have a positive relationship. Put another way, when the yield on 5 year Canadian Bonds increases, […]

Merix Financial’s 3 Year Variable Rate Down

Merix is leading the way down with their 3 year variable rate mortgage. They announced yesterday evening that they are now offering Prime minus 0.50 which currently gives the borrower an effective rate of 1.75%! We are now back down to the same variable rate spreads that we saw pre-financial crisis fall 2008. The rate […]

Mortgage Interest Rates for March 15th

Bond yields are up which would typically result in an increase to fixed rate mortgages however lenders are artificially keeping rates low in order to gain market share. This is good for borrowers currently in the market however don’t expect the low fixed rates to stay around forever as it only takes one bank to […]

Fixed vs. Variable: The Train Is On The Tracks

Do you remember when you were a kid and you stood on the train tracks on a hot summer day peering into the distance for the coming train? Then suddenly, in the distance, a single light appeared suspended in mid air and the shape of a massive train hurdling towards you sent your heart racing. […]

Monday Mortgage Minute March 8th Interest Rates

Although bond yields rose last Friday as of Monday March 8th Toronto Mortgage Interest rates remain unchanged. Over the weekend some lenders have warned of the possibility of fixed rate mortgages increasing. This weekend I decided to deliver my Monday Mortgage Minute from the slopes of Mont Tremblant Quebec, however I am back in the […]

P-.40 3 Year Variable Introduced by Merix Financial

Again Merix Financial is the first “kid on the block” to introduce a new variable rate. Fresh off the press Merix is now offering P-.40 on their 3 year variable rate mortgages! The effective mortgage interest rate is currently (2.25-0.40) = 1.85%. The mortgage is available for 90 days and is available to purchasers who […]