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Merix Fiancial 50/50 Mortgage – The Best of Both Worlds

Not sure whether you want to take the full risk of selecting a variable rate mortgage in Toronto with an imminent rise in the prime rate on the horrizon over the next 24 months? Why not consider an innovative product offered by Canadian mortgage lender Merix Financial. The 50/50 mortgage. The Merix 50/50 Wise Mortgage […]

Monday Mortgage Minute – Dec 7th 2009

Mortgage interest rates in Toronto have stayed fairly steady over the past week despite the increase to bond yields last Friday. Tomorrow the Bank of Canada will decide on whether to increase the prime rate. There is unanimous consent among economists that the prime rate will remain unchanged however it will be interesting to see […]

Monday Mortgage Minute – Nov 30th 2009

My Monday Mortgage Minute for November the 30th. If you don’t see a rate that you are looking for or have a specific mortgage question email me here. 1 year fixed – 2.65% 3 year fixed – 3.50% 5 year fixed – 4.09% 3 year variable – Prime-.10% (2.15% effective rate) 5 year variable – […]

Why Choose A 3 Year Variable Rate Mortgage Today?

This is the inaugural post for a new section I want to run on my blog called “ASK A SOB”. Be sure to submit your questions and queries… I’ll respond once a week. Mike B in Unionville writes- “Dear SOB, in your ‘Monday Market Minute’ posted on November 16th you add your opinion that the […]

Fixed vs. Variable Rate Mortgages – Episode #9