ING Introduces Their New HELOC

Everybody’s favorite Dutch bank, ING, has finally released their eagerly awaited Home Equity Line Of Credit or HELOC.  HELOC products are very popular and usefully for home owners who like the flexibility

Mortgage Interest Rates Increasing Slightly But…

This morning another story appeared in the Globe & Mail about mortgage rates increasing. In this video I share some thoughts and insights for borrowers currently in the market. At the end

How To Protect Yourself From A Mortgage Interest Rate Increase

How To Protect Yourself From A Mortgage Interest Rate Increase One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “how do I protect myself if the mortgage interest rates go

Canada Looks To Tighten Mortgage & Credit Lending Rules In 2012

This week there are two headlines grabbing the attention of mortgage brokers, bankers and borrowers in Canada. Both have far reaching implications in the mortgage industry and it may not be a

Toronto Real Estate Housing Bubble

Playing soccer and talking about the Toronto real estate market and possible housing market bubble usually don’t mix. But anything is possible. Last month while I was in Punta Cana attending the

Piggy Banks, GoMax & Mortgages

Any of Tridac – The Mortgage Centre’s clients know exactly what my connection to piggy banks is. If you’ve done business with us then you no doubt have received one of our

Mortgage Interest Rate Review January 19th 2012

Late last week while I was away in Punta Cana for the Mortgage Centre Annual conference lenders announced their newest fixed rate mortgages. Lenders are now offering 3.15% for a fixed 5

Reaction to BMO’s 2.99% Fixed 5 Year Mortgage

Yesterday Bank of Montreal announced a new fixed 5 year rate mortgage that has set a new all time low for mortgage rates in Canada. Is it the lowest rate? Yes. Is

What Is A Cashback Mortgage?

Bank branches sometimes promote them and you may have come across paper and online ads for them. So what is a cashback mortgage, and more importantly, who should consider them? A cashback