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How Do You Campare To The National Figures? [Infographic]

It’s time for another fun and insightful infographic developed and produced by my friends at ratehub.ca.

This infographic draws data from two major reports released earlier this year by authorities on the subject of Canadian mortgages. Read More

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Be Mortgage-Free Faster, A Tip Of The Hat To Scotiabank

If you’re a regular on my blog then you’ll know that my focus as a mortgage broker is on mortgage debt-reduction. Nobody really wants to own a mortgage, they want to own a home! Read More


Infographic: Just How Overvalued Is Your Home?

Last week I came across this great infographic on the Canadian Business website. The simple infographic goes along was to show just how polarized opinions are when it comes to Canadian real estate values. The

Mortgage reduction

The One Thing You Need To Understand About Your Mortgage

Interest, interest, interest.

Just like the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location… when it comes to mortgage financing, interest rate is numero uno. Read More


Mortgage 101: Mortgage Default Insurance

What is mortgage default insurance?

Here’s the deal with mortgage default insurance. It’s an insurance to protect the lender in case you don’t make your mortgage payments and they suffer a loss. And although it’s there for the benefit of the lender, you pay for it. Read More


Mortgage 101: Your Payment Frequency Options

Mortgage Payment Frequency

You’ve got choice when it comes to deciding on how often you’d like to make your mortgage payments. The choice is there so you can try to sync your mortgage payments with your cashflow and pay schedule. Most salaried employees get paid bi-weekly which is why bi-weekly payments are the most popular. Read More


Mortgage 101: Understanding Fixed & Variable Rate Mortgages

Choosing between a fixed and variable rate mortgage is an important decision for mortgage borrowers.

According to the most recent survey of Canadians, 65%  of us have fixed rate mortgages, 28% have variable rate mortgages and the remaining 7% of some sort of combination between the two. Read More


Mortgage 101: Closed vs Open Mortgages

Mortgages come in all different shapes and sizes to fit each borrower’s unique circumstances. While the vast majority of mortgages arranged in Canada are what we call closed term mortgages there are open mortgages as well which can be useful to address certain borrower’s needs. Read More


Sufficiency Friday: The End Of The World & How I Helped Mark & Kelly [video]

There are many popular beliefs from Nostrodamus to the Mayans that 2012 is the year the world will end. Here at Tridac Corporation Ltd- The Mortgage Centre we don’t believe the world will end tomorrow