Lake Ontario 300

If you’ve followed my blog or know me personally then it is no secret that I love two things: sailing and adventure. This past weekend I participated in one of the most

Mortgage Interest Rate Review July 11th

Check out my latest Interest Rate Review and current interest rate offering. If you don’t see a rate you are looking for or have additional questions please don’t hesitate to get in

Mortgage 101: Down Payment

Down payment is an important piece of the puzzle when you apply for your first mortgage. Lenders like to see that you are coming to the table with your own money at

Mortgage Interest Rate Review For June 22nd 2011

I didn’t think we would be able to offer rates as competitive as last summer’s rates but low and behold the market has conspired to once again offer borrowers the opportunity to

Fixed Vs. Variable, A Little Advice From Boris Bozic

The debate about fixed over variable is starting to heat up again as the spread between fixed (3.59%) and variable (2.25%) is shrinking. Over the past 3 years my father and I

Investing In Private Mortgages

Investing in mortgages is a great opportunity that is overlooked by many investors.  There are many methods and ways to invest in mortgages.  The following is the skinny on investing in mortgages:

Toronto Mortgage Interest Rate Review May 20th

This week I am seeing interest rates come down slightly keeping fixed rate mortgages low just below the 4% mark.  Lately I have been liking the 50/50 mortgages like the Merix lendwise

The Mortgage Radar: The ING Unmortgage One Of My Favs

  As mortgage brokers one of our favorite mortgage lenders to work with is ING Canada. No doubt you have seen one of their commercials or heard of their clever unmortgage product.

Purchasing a Home To Renovate & Mortgage Financing

  Son Of A Broker on the ladder learning to work hard, work dirty and work for free I spent the last 2 weekends out in Oakville learning what it means to