Tax Sales & Judicial Sales, Golden Opportunities

In previous blog entries I expanded on the term Judicial Sale with examples from our files and my own experiences. The term Judicial Sale is a court order by a Writ of

Is Buying A House A Good Investment?

If you watch the Lang & O’Leary exchange frequently, you will know that Mr. Kevin O’Leary in all of his financial wisdom refuses to own a home and prefers to rent. This

Where Did the U.S. Debt Ceiling Go?

  Everyone, including governments, can borrow money. Earlier this month (August 2nd 2011) the U.S government was deadlocked in a debate as to whether they should increase their debt ceiling. What exactly

Mortgage Interest Rate Update August 10th 2011

The recent global economic downturn has benefits if you are currently in the mortgage market. The market mayhem has two effects: on the one side it alleviates any pressure the Bank of

Chris Molder: Mortgage Blogger

A few weeks ago I was contacted by , Canada’s leading mortgage industry news site, to come in and do a video interview about the challenges and benefits of blogging for

3.49% New Fixed 5 Year Rate

        Mortgage Rate Update August 5th 2011 -Click for a video Yesterday was a day most investors would rather forget. Losses were seen right across the board as fears

First Time Home Buyers Plan (HBP) Withdrawing Funds From Your RRSP

As a first time home buyer you are eligible to withdraw funds from your RRSP under the Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)administered by Revenue Canada (CRA). The plan is designed so that your

July 21st Mortgage Interest Rate Review – Heatwave Edition

Greetings from poolside! I couldn’t stand the thought of being cooped up in the office with this historic summer day in Toronto. Conveniently all of my gadgets are working and I like

3 Ways To Invest In Private Mortgages

I sat down with my Dad to talk about how an investor can invest in private mortgages. As president of a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) and over 35 years of experience he