My Appearance on Money Moron

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“Hey! I know that guy!” is a common reaction I got from clients and friends when episode #9 of Money Moron aires on Slice Network. I get my 60 seconds of fame as a mortgage broker on prime time t.v. offering advice and a reality check to a young couple struggling to wrap their head around money and their dream of home ownership.

Money Moron with Gail Vaz Oxlade

You can click on the image below to see me in action. (I don’t make an appearance until minute 14)

Chris Molder Money Moron Mortgage Broker

Money Moron is a popular personal finance show on Slice Network. Each episode follows a couple as they enlist money guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s help to save their struggling relationship and create a solid financial foundation for the future.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that one of the leading causes of relationship failure is money related. Money Moron’s theme is to hit the issue right between the eyes.

Managing money in  a relationship is work. The same way taking out the trash, cooking or doing the dishes is. The reality is that money management is rarely shared 50/50.  Typically one partner in a relationship usually controls most of the finances. And this can lead to friction and stress in the relationship if couples don’t talk about it.

My favorite clients to work with are first time home buyers who are typically young couples. It is interesting to see the dynamics at play between them.

Mortgage-broker-couplesMore often than not both partners share similar views and risk tolerances when it comes to finance and they are able to communicate those preferences clearly. However sometimes  I observe couples struggle to communicate with each other and that usually leads to difficulty making decisions related to the mortgage or purchase of their home.

Get Smart About Money

If you and your partner are trying to learn more about money and need a little help I strongly recommend you check out the great Canadian financial literacy website and take the Love & Money Quiz. There is also tonnes of great content for newly weds and the topic of money and relationships.

My experience on Money Moron with Anthony & Tamara was a great one.

Although this is TV and designed first and foremost to entertain the underlying message highlights the importance of money management and communication to have a successful and rewarding personal relationship with your partner.


Meet Lorena Romano

I also want to introduce someone else the episode features. My good friend and colleague, realtor Lorena Romano from Stomp Realty is the real estate agent featured in the show. Lorena is an outstanding professional with years of experience. You can follow her on twitter or her website She is worth getting to know.

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Christopher is a second-generation mortgage broker. Following in his dad’s steps, he helps borrowers demystify mortgage financing. Christopher lives in Toronto and when he is not in the office you’ll find him sailing on Lake Ontario.
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