Mortgage Interest Rates

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Term Rate Apply
Bank of Canada Prime Rate 3.00% Apply
1-Year 2.99% Apply
2-Year 2.79% Apply
3-Year 2.89% Apply
4-Year 3.04% Apply
5-Year 2.94% Apply
5-Year Variable 2.35% Apply
10-Year Fixed 4.29% Apply
HELOC 3.50% Apply



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  1. Jason
    Aug 12 2011

    I once had a look at the study guide for the state real estate license test for mortgage brokers and it was thick, extensive and daunting. So I am inclined to take the advice of a licensed mortgage broker, especially since I have no experience with real estate investments and am only beginning to learn about the process. I hope to learn more through this web site and the updates regarding the available mortgage loan rates.

  2. liceppetz
    Oct 2 2011

    Hey Chris

    I like what you’ve done with your blog, do you think you could do better than the fixed 5 year of 3.49% that my bank offered me? I don’t really believe they are offering me the best rate right now.

    Get in touch

    Sandra M

  3. Oct 2 2011

    Hi Sandra

    I am glad you like my blog thanks for the compliment! I’ll send you a private message but I think I can help you out finding a more competitive rate.

  4. lixtowea
    Oct 5 2011

    How long are these rates good for?

  5. Oct 6 2011

    Thanks for stopping by my site… most rates have a ratehold for 120 days although some of the more aggressive rates have shorter rateholds of 45 days.

  6. Philip
    Oct 7 2011

    Your rates are a lot better than the rates in the central US. The mortgage companies here are still gouging us for all they can. How long are your rates good for? It might be worth it to look into relocation if your taxes, and finance rates are going to be this low. Thanks for posting this information If we decide to move to Toronto I’ll be sure to let you know.

  7. Oct 7 2011

    Thanks for stopping by Philip… greetings from Canada!

  8. Stephanie
    Oct 10 2011

    I have heard much about the down town Toronto scene, especially the old, gothic style architecture. But that I imagine is the commercial building or warehouse areas and not residential homes. Call me ignorant, but I wonder if there are suburban areas with track housing and gated communities. Usually, those type of community homes are more affordable to invest in.

  9. Oct 19 2011

    Thanks for the timely information regarding current interest rate trends in Canada.
    It’s interesting to note that the fixed terms are now becoming more attractive – A fact I was no aware of until reading your recent interest rates post.
    We can always count on the independent mortgage brokers to keep the consumer’s best interests in mind. Keep up the good work!

  10. Cris Bors
    Apr 25 2012

    My mortgage renewal is due August 12, 2012 and I am shopping around for the next best rate available.
    I pay now a closed 5 years variable rate of 2.1%.
    I am interested in below terms and have got so far the following closed rates:
    – 2 years @ 2.79%
    – 4 years @ 2.99%
    – 5 years @ 3.14%
    Please contact me if you can do any better than the above.


    Cris Bors
    Tel 905-761-1120 Ext 226

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