How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years With Founder Deacon Hayes

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Imagine paying off all your mortgage debt in five years. It’s possible. Deacon Hayes of is making it a reality, he and his wife are on track to do just that.

Deacon’s own journey towards financial freedom began when he and his wife Kim said “enough is enough” and decided to eliminate $52,000 in consumer debt in just 18 months!

He shares his experiences and financial game plan on his personal finance blog

Featured in CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, US News, and Fox News, Deacon joins me on for a one-on-one that touches on some amazing insights and how-to’s to make debt reduction a reality.

He lays out exactly how he and his wife paid off their consumer debt and their plan for paying off their mortgage in 5 years.

Truly inspiring and if you’re serious about keeping money in your pocket and having the freedom to live your dreams then this is a must watch to get immediate results.

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What I find so inspiring about Deacon’s story is that he and his wife are able to bravely take an alternative view towards their life and finances.

They aren’t afraid to make small sacrifices today in order to gain financial freedom tomorrow.

Stephen Covey wrote that “happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.”

If your plan is to live debt free then go do it. Regardless of your job, your income, your past, just take action now.

The small accumulations of money over time is powerful. Even a dollar a day on your mortgage results in thousands of dollars saved over the life of your mortgage.

What will you do when you have no mortgage and no debt?

See Deacon’s  Debt Free in 18 Months Class for a way to make it happen.

And if you found this story inspiring there are two things I’d like you to do:

1. Take action and start by leaving a comment on how or what you’re doing to pay off your debt sooner and

2. share this with people you care about on Facebook or tweet it out to the world so they can begin their journey of a debt free life too.

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Christopher is a second-generation mortgage broker. Following in his dad’s steps, he helps borrowers demystify mortgage financing. Christopher lives in Toronto and when he is not in the office you’ll find him sailing on Lake Ontario.
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Sign up for my FREE Private Mortgage Insider newsletter

Sign up for my FREE Private Mortgage Insider newsletter

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    Thank you for the wonderfully-written article. I think it can really provide all the information a person need on how to pay mortgage especially bad credit mortgage.

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