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Canadian Real Estate Market: Balloon or Bubble?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately with clients and colleagues about the stability of the Canadian real estate market and the fear of a crash. The Canadian media has latched on to the subject and on a daily basis is pumping out sensational news stories of doom and gloom for Canadian real estate. […]

Benjamin Tal mortgage

Benjamin Tal’s Economic Buzz Winter 2012

Every quarter our support staff at The Mortgage Centre head office go through pages and pages of Benjamin Tal’s economic reports to give us a reader’s digest version of what is making economic news. The Economic Buzz report is easy on the eyes and can be read in a minutes time. Benjamin Tal is the […]


Canada Looks To Tighten Mortgage & Credit Lending Rules In 2012

This week there are two headlines grabbing the attention of mortgage brokers, bankers and borrowers in Canada. Both have far reaching implications in the mortgage industry and it may not be a fluke that both are making headlines in Canada at the same time. On the one side we have the government of Canada expressing […]

Kevin refuses to buy a home. Why?

Is Buying A House A Good Investment?

If you watch the Lang & O’Leary exchange frequently, you will know that Mr. Kevin O’Leary in all of his financial wisdom refuses to own a home and prefers to rent. This may be surprising to some, as generally it is considered that purchasing a home is a good investment. This past week the staff […]

What Is A Second Mortgage?

A second mortgage is a loan secured against real estate, that is subordinate or subsequent to a first mortgage on the same property. If you own a home there can be multiple mortgages secured against it. The order of the mortgages is determined by who registers the mortgage first with the land registry office.  It […]


Mortgage Financing For Artscape Triangle Lofts

Artscape Triangle Lofts is a very unique condominium development. It has been created with the specific purpose of preserving important artist work/live space in the Queen West Triangle. Artscape Triangle Lofts includes a mix of affordable rental units for professional artists as well as below-market ownership units for artists and non-profit arts professionals. I have […]

Toronto’s Own

My colleague Mark Savel is an interesting guy. Ask him what he does and he will say “real estate”. Ask him who he is and he’ll respond “Toronto’s own”. Mark loves our fair city of Toronto. His blog is not only an original source of freshly released information about Toronto’s newest and hottest real estate […]

Monday Mortgage Minute March 8th Interest Rates

Although bond yields rose last Friday as of Monday March 8th Toronto Mortgage Interest rates remain unchanged. Over the weekend some lenders have warned of the possibility of fixed rate mortgages increasing. This weekend I decided to deliver my Monday Mortgage Minute from the slopes of Mont Tremblant Quebec, however I am back in the […]

Toronto Works For Haiti – Mortgage Services

I have joined a group of Toronto volunteers who have committed themselves to offering their professional services in exchange for donations to the Haiti relief effort. Our group includes professionals and entrepreneurs offering a wide range of services all the way from Artists, to Japanese translation services, to Style Consultants and Social Media services. […]