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Property Taxes, What You Need To Know

Property taxes More taxes? Yup, that’s right on top of your mortgage payment and maintenance fees (if applicable) there are wonderful property or realty taxes. As a first time home buyer taxes might go over your head with all the details you have to consider. So here’s a little property tax crash course:

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Getting Mortgage Financing For Small Condo Units

Small is the new big when it comes to up and coming condo developments in the city of Toronto. In an effort to maximize density and keep real estate affordable for an ever more expensive market, builders are designing smaller and smaller units.


First Time Home Buyers, Quoted in the Toronto Star

I was recently contacted by The Toronto Star business reporter  Susan Pigg to provide some insight into what I am observing in the Toronto condo market. The most current numbers released by TREB indicate that Toronto real estate sales volume was up 21% and along with prices up 5.5% summer 2013.


Infographic: Just How Overvalued Is Your Home?

Last week I came across this great infographic on the Canadian Business website. The simple infographic goes along was to show just how polarized opinions are when it comes to Canadian real estate values. The first quarter of 2013 has shown that real estate in Canada is starting to slow down but the question “how […]

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Highlights From CAAMP’S 2012 State Of The Residential Mortgage Market Survey

The Canadian Association Of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) does a great semi-annual survey where they interview 2,000 Canadians to get a deeper understanding of the Canadian residential mortgage market. The survey is anticipated by our industry to get a snapshot of the market and attitudes of mortgage borrowers. There were both positives and negatives to […]


Economic Buzz with Benjamin Tal Fall 2012

I can’t seem to avoid the conversation about real estate in Canada. This past weekend I must have been asked at least half a dozen times about my thoughts on the market. I always give the same cautiously optimistic response. However I am not an economist and can’t delve deep into the fundamentals but Benjamin […]

What Is Title Insurance?

What Is Title Insurance?

Do you have title insurance on your home? I bet you do! And for good reason. It’s there to protect you from fraud. Each year title fraud costs Canadians hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you aren’t sure if you have title insurance and what this important tool covers then you’ve got to read on.


Is Now The Time To Refinance My Mortgage?

Interest rates are low. Mortgage lenders are competing for market share. And I’ve been getting asked often from homeowners the question: is now the time to refinance?


30 year amortization gone as Canadian mortgage lending rule changes

By now you’ve probably heard that the Government is making changes to the mortgage rules. Among other changes, the maximum time you can amortize your mortgage changed from 30 years to 25 years. The new rules kick in on July 9th.