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3.25% For A Fixed 5 Year Mortgage: A New Low

I stand corrected. Earlier this fall I mused on my blog that fixed rate mortgages had run their course and would hold steady or trend upwards gradually into 2012 and beyond.  I thought that the period of ultra low fixed rate mortgage money was over  and that banks wouldn’t pass on rate discounts  to borrowers […]

Shopping Online For Skis & Mortgages

Several weeks ago I went about buying a new set of downhill skis for the upcoming season. I had no clue what was available on the market and I didn’t have the time to go into a ski shop and chat with the sales rep. Instead, I did my research online. Within an hour I […]

A Little Chris Molder Fun With

Earlier this fall I partnered up with a great website called The site is unlike anything else you’ll find online. For starters, it’s not run by a financial institution or mortgage broker so the information and rates you find there are all 3rd party provided and as unbiased as possible. Not only is the […]

Mortgage Interest Rate Review December 6th 2011, Prime Rate Remains Unchanged

The Bank of Canada met this morning for the last time in 2011 to make their interest rate announcement. As was widely expected the bank left the prime rate unchanged at 3.00%. If you have a variable rate mortgage or a line of credit your monthly payment won’t change. The bank reported that conditions in […]

If Greece Came To Me For A Mortgage…

For more than 20 years our office has been located on the Danforth, an area of the city best known for it’s Greek cuisine and culture.  Although the Greek influence in the neighbourhood has started to fade in recent years, some old Greek families and businesses hold on to the traditions of a homeland that […]

Mortgage Interest Rate Review November 23rd 2011

The number of Canadians carrying mortgage debt into their 70s was the hottest mortgage topic this week. A recent RBC poll showed that one-third (33 per cent) of older Canadians over the age of 55, have 16 or more years left on their mortgage term. This statistic makes me wonder if these older Canadians aren’t […]

Mortgage Interest Rate Review November 10th 2011

The mortgage interest rate roller coaster continues to enthrall its riders yet again. The latest twist came as Sheryl King, an economist at Bank of America, predicts that Europe’s worsening sovereign-debt crisis is going to push the central bank to cut its key rate down to .025% or 2.25% in consumer terms.  Her report predicted […]

King for a Day: Why Now Is The Time For A Fixed Rate Mortgage

Earlier this week Rob Carrick of the Globe & Mail wrote an article  Variable or Fixed? It’s no contest. As a regular observer and reader of mortgage news I am rarely enthusiastic about the media’s mortgage rhetoric however this week’s article was timely and perfectly expresses why in today’s market the fixed rate mortgage is […]

By The Numbers: October Statistics

The following is a selection of key statistics published by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. The numbers reflect the slight increases we have seen to fixed rate mortgages and the spreads on variable rate mortgages.