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Property Taxes, What You Need To Know

Property taxes More taxes? Yup, that’s right on top of your mortgage payment and maintenance fees (if applicable) there are wonderful property or realty taxes. As a first time home buyer taxes might go over your head with all the details you have to consider. So here’s a little property tax crash course:

Best Mortgage Lenders In Canada 2014

Who is the best Canadian mortgage lender? Singling out one lender as THE BEST would be next to impossible. Can’t be done. Canadian mortgage lenders are some of the most prudent and well-managed in the world. Competition is fierce among lenders; those that can’t compete quickly get left behind.

My Appearance on Money Moron

“Hey! I know that guy!” is a common reaction I got from clients and friends when episode #9 of Money Moron aires on Slice Network. I get my 60 seconds of fame as a mortgage broker on prime time t.v. offering advice and a reality check to a young couple struggling to wrap their head […]

Focus On Amortization

So you want to pay the least interest as possible on your mortgage? I don’t blame you. When banks announce their quarterly profit reports in the billions of dollars it’s enough to make your blood boil.

Getting Mortgage Financing For Small Condo Units

Small is the new big when it comes to up and coming condo developments in the city of Toronto. In an effort to maximize density and keep real estate affordable for an ever more expensive market, builders are designing smaller and smaller units.

How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years With Founder Deacon Hayes

Imagine paying off all your mortgage debt in five years. It’s possible. Deacon Hayes of is making it a reality, he and his wife are on track to do just that.

How To Pay Your Mortgage Quickly & Save Thousands of Dollars In Interest Payments

Chances are you’re probably not getting the best mortgage advice. Banks and many mortgage professionals are busy competing on just the lowest rate. But fail you when it comes to showing you how to reduce your mortgage debt more quickly and save you money on unnecessary interest payments.

4 Things You Should Know About Variable Rate Mortgages

Variable rate mortgages have historically been the better mortgage option for borrowers in Canada over the past 50 years and yet a little more than a quarter of mortgage borrowers in Canada choose a variable rate mortgage over a fixed rate mortgage. Why is that?

How Do You Campare To The National Figures? [Infographic]

It’s time for another fun and insightful infographic developed and produced by my friends at This infographic draws data from two major reports released earlier this year by authorities on the subject of Canadian mortgages.